Bronze DofE Award

Over the last few months I have had been participating in my Bronze DofE award, the award is composed of the standard four sections, Skills, Volunteering, Physical & Expedition.

For my skills section I participated in the squadron marching band learning the bell lyre which was a great experience, made better by the more senior cadets of the bell lyre section who were and still are very supportive of me. I aim to continue participating in the band after completing the award.

For my volunteering section I helped younger cadets learn essential first aid skills over several night, day and weekend teaching sessions, I also intend to continue helping teach first aid after completing the award.

For the physical section, I participated regularly in sports with the squadron at Honeywell Sports Center in Barnsley.

The expedition section, undoubtedly the most challenging of the award, was completed with other cadets in the peak district over two days. This was a challenging navigational exercise taking us over 25km from where we started on day 1. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this section as it was something completely new to me, the like of which I had never done before.

Of course achieving the award was a great honour however it was undoubtedly participating in the award which was the greatest pleasure. I look forward to continuing onto my Silver award.

By Cdt Alfred Butler