Royal British Legions Standard Bearers Course

On the 17th of September, myself and several other cadets including those from the local Army Cadet Force attended the Royal British Legions Standard Bearers course at Fontenay Army Reserve Centre in Barnsley.

The day consisted of learning the basics of standard bearing, which we then gradually improved on to competition level. The course was taught by personnel from local Legion branches around the South and West Yorkshire area. They helped us by offering tips on how to make it easier to perform the various manoeuvres whilst still sticking to the correct commands and moves.

At the end of the day we each had a chance to experience what it would be like to take part in a competition in which everybody preformed exceptionally well. Well done to everyone that attended and congratulations to Sgt Braund-Smith for being chosen by the Regional Chairman of the Royal British Legion to attend future parades as a Cadet representative to carry the Royal British Legion Standard.

Thank you to all staff involved on the day for giving us the opportunity to participate as well as being able to improve our Standard bearing drill.

By Cdt Bailey Pendleton