Battle Of Britain Parade

On Sunday 17th September cadets from across the wing attended the anual Battle of Britain parade and church service in Barnsley.

The Barnsley Squadron band led the parade which went around the town hall past the cenotaph and back round to the church for a service. The parade was realy enjoyable and I was proud to be marching to remember those who were involved in the battle of britain and fought for our country.

In the church we sang hymns, listened to sermons and readigs all relating to remembering those who fought in the Battle of Britain. After the service we were invited into the church for tea, coffee and biscuits whilst we chatted to those who attended both the parade and service. We recieved great feedback from the parade commenting on our smartness, professionalism and overall conduct towards the remberence of the brave few.

In the evening we went to Doncaster Air museum to play for another Battle of Britain parade. At doncaster the band played a few songs whilst other cadets from the wing paraded past around the museum. After the parade there was a service held in the hangar with hymns and readings etc where we were able to remember once again the brave Airmen who fought in the Battle of Britain.

This was a special day for me as it is the last time I will be part of a Battle of Bitain remembrance parade and services within South and West Yorkshire Wing. It is a very momentous occasion and really makes people think about the sacrifices made by RAF Pilots during the Battle of Britain.

I feel Winston Churchill’s speech “never in the face of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few” is such a moving statement as it describes perfectly how lucky we are today but also how indebted we are to to those who put their lives on the line to protect our country.

By CWO Annetts