Bronze Cyber Course

On the 22nd of July myself and two other cadets from 148 (Barnsley) Squadron attended the newly developed Bronze Cyber course. The course was held at South and West Yorkshire Wing Headquarters and ran by the former Core Radio Officer and the South and West Yorkshire Wing Radio Team.

The day consisted of a very interesting powerpoint which contained a lot of interactive videos, tasks, and factual knowledge about how the government and MoD use cyber security. This also featured a workshop explaining how easy it was to find information on someone based on their online presence, this was referred to as their online footprint. We were put into groups which had people from many different Squadrons, we were asked to find out as much information as we could by only using their name. The task made all the course see how easy it was to find an identity of someone based on the slightest information. After the task was finished, we were told to heighten our privacy settings on our social media accounts to try and protect ourselves in the cyber world.

The day concluded with a formal finial parade where all the staff who were present on the course congratulated us on our achievements and presented us with certificates and the new bronze cyber badge. Due to my enthusiasm and developed knowledge of radio and brief knowledge on cyber, I was given a special Royal Air Force Air Cadets Keyring for being the “Geek of the Day”

Overall the course provided all the cadets useful information that can be used to protect ourselves in the cyber world and also allowed me to want to progress further with my knowledge of cyber and attend future more advanced courses. Thank you to all the staff from the South and West Yorkshire Radio Team for an enjoyable day!

By Cpl Tom Slater