Cadet Gains Bronze Aviation Wings at RAF Topcliffe

On the 3rd of June 2018 I was lucky enough to have secured a place to visit RAF Topcliffe and complete my Bronze Aviation Wings. The day started very early but once I arrived at 645 VGS, there was a really busy and engaging schedule.

The day started with a welcome brief in the crew room and then followed by a tour of the airfield which showed all the features that airfields have. This was a module for the ground school training. Topcliffe was a very interesting base to be driven round as, like most stations, it originates from the second world war. Remnants of its history can be seen throughout the station as there are still grass mounds which one of the VGS staff said were used by bombers so they could always be ready to launch but would be protected if attacked by a German Raid.

After the tour of the airfield, I was sent straight to the classroom where there was a lesson on Principles of Flight. This refreshed my knowledge as I sat this class around five years ago as a new first class cadet. After the lesson, I was straight onto the simulators. This was a really good experience. It was good to see how synthetic training has a real benefit as you learn all the skills and can have a realistic attempt of what you need to do before you actually sit in an aircraft. It was really interesting to be taught by the staff and staff cadets who volunteer their time to provide such a fantastic experience to cadets across the region – including our own CWO Copeland

After I had finished in the simulator, I was presented my Blue Wings and Familiarisation Certificate. Because I had visited 9 AEF the week before coming to Topcliffe I was also awarded my Bronze Aviation wings as I had learnt and completed the motions of pitching, rolling and yawing in a Grob Tutor.

This was a fantastic experience and something everyone should try and do throughout their cadet careers.

By Flt Sgt Charlie Owen