Cadets Complete a Bronze DofE Practice

Earlier this year, two groups from 148 (Barnsley) Squadron completed a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expeditions.

The expedition was around the Selby area, and it was really hot weather, which made walking with full expedition kit harder. When we arrived at the campsite, we pitched our tents and cooked our dinners. In the group, different people cooked different things, for example, one made Stir-fry while another had an expedition meal which you cooked in boiling water.

On day two we were up bright and early and cooked our breakfast. Again, people cooked different things, from porridge to sausage and beans. Then we took our tents down and made sure our area of the campsite was clean and began the second days walk. Like day one, it was a really hot day so we were all drinking water quickly and had to keep getting topped up as we were meeting the supervisors on the route. We also had breaks when we could find shade so that we could cool off and check if everyone was okay and have snacks to boost our energy.

We got lost a few times durning the expedition but if we did we would all look at the map as a team and would backtrack to a point we knew was right then look around and try and match features up on the map to find the right path.

After walking for the full weekend, we finally arrived in at the finish point and were all really tired. I am happy that we completed the expedition and I am looking forward to my actual expedition.

By Cdt Elle Bloomer