Cadets Complete Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Actual Expedition

On the 23rd to the 24th of July myself and eleven cadets went on our Bronze D of E expedition. We were split into two groups in which we both had different routes that we had planned ourselves. On the first day the conditions for walking were rather hot which made the day more difficult however we all persevered through. The day entailed navigation that we all took turns leading and organizing our day into taking the appropriate amount of breaks to still make efficient ground. As well as that both of our groups had aims one being to review the conditions of public footpaths and the other to take photos for a calendar. When we finally got to camp we worked as a team to set up our tents and sleeping bags to then go on to have our meals followed by marshmallows over the camping stove.

The next day we were up early to pack all our things away and review the day ahead with the conditions, once again, being rather warm. We walked for many hours, putting the skills we had learnt on a training weekend and practice expedition to the test completing the walk from the campsite at Flockton to Woolley. Due to it being the second day of the expedition everyone seemed a little tired but we tried to keep morals running high by all working together to get to the finish line.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I look forward to continue onto silver level.

By Cdt Sophie Ellam