Cadets Achieve Climbing Qualification

From the 8th March until the 19th July 2017, myself and 9 other 148 (Barnsley) Squadron cadets attended climbing sessions at Awesome Walls in Sheffield to enable ourselves to achieve the NICAS Level 1, with the potential of building on those skills to further ourselves in the future. These sessions happened once every fortnight on Wednesdays.

We learnt skills that are essential to climbing, such as belaying and using the equipment safely and effectively. Starting from level 4, we gradually built up our skills and confidence to climb up walls up to level 6a+. There were difficulties at times, but we supported each other through it through encouragement and enthusiasm as we gained our skills.

As a whole, the group enjoyed it, and our confidence has flourished as well as our capabilities since we all started. We have successfully managed to achieve our NICAS Level 1! I’m sure most, if not all cadets involved will enter the next group of cadets to further their skills.

By FS Shannon Copeland