Cadets Participate in an Air Rifle Shooting Training Day

Earlier this year, myself and other cadets participated in a training day on the Scorpion Air Rifle. It was really interesting especially when staff from the squadron showed us how to correctly handle the weapons. We were also shown the dangers of handling the air rifle and how to use it safely and responsibly (something which was extremely helpful when we started shooting later in the day).

Before we could Start shooting the rifle we had to take a weapon handling test or “WHT”. We needed to do this to make sure that we knew what we had to do and understood the training we had been given. Some of us were recommended for further training and then after another session of training we all passed and were all able to shoot that day

This was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge on handling a rifle and a useful experience to look at progressing to more advanced weapons later during my time as a cadet and when I go on to join the Royal Air Force.

By Cdt Bernadetta Samborska