RAF Valley Camp 2017

On the 27th of May to the 3rd of June myself and other cadets went to RAF Valley. Every day we did various activities that was fun for the cadets. For many cadets it’s was their first time and for some others it was their last time so they embraced their last activities and enjoyed it. All the activities were fun and everyone got involved. One of the days we all went speed-boating around Puffin island. Whilst we were on the boats we saw Dolphins and Seals. Another activity we did was coasteering, this was really good to include because it was a new exiting challenge for many. We all jumped off rocks and learned how to climb rocks safely.

On Sunday we went to the fire section and we watched various displays and watched the staff use fire extinguishers on different types of fires. Later in the day we did orienteering which helped us to work as a team and how to read a map.

To help improve our fitness skills we had sports nights. We did things such as team skills, football, basketball, physical training and some archery. Furthermore we did a field-craft lesson at RAF Mona where we learned how improve team communications and how to move quickly without being seen.

Lastly there was a families day that we attended to. The event had many stalls and activities. There were various aircraft including displays from the Hawks, Griffin and a Chinook. On families day there was also archery, shooting, a strange mini circus and much much more.

Overall valley was incredible and very busy and active. Everyone made new friends and learned something new. In my opinion, for my first camp it was fun, helpful and very active. Lastly I thought of it as an insight into the RAF life. Thank you to all the staff and cadets for a great RAF Valley camp!

Cadet Sophie Kirk