Cosford Air Show

On the 11th of June, myself and other cadets from sector 1 went to RAF Cosford air show. I have only been an Air Cadet for a short time so this is my first air show that I have been to with my Squadron.

The day started at 7:30 and was a day full of activities with a finish of 6:30. We got to the airshow at 9:30 we were able to walk around in groups. I was excited to go but also a little nervous because I was going with people I had never met before so it was good to be able to interact with new cadets from around the sector and make some new friends. There was many things for us to see and do including the museums and wide selections of aircraft for us to look at and if we were lucky to interact with.

There were a lot of flying displays that varied from the grob tutor to the Apache doing demos of bomb dropping which was amazing! Stands that were scattered around the airfield allowed myself and others to purchase memorabilia to take home such as squadron patches, signed paintings and books either around history of aircrafts or a book about a famous pilot in the Falkland’s war.

Overall I really enjoyed the day and would recommend it to any cadet wanting to go as well as new cadets wanting to meet new people around the sector.

By Cat Jacob Faunt