Drill Instruction Course

On the weekend beginning the 13th may three cadets from Barnsley squadron travelled to RAF Linton on Ouse to undertake a cadet drill instruction course.

Over the weekend we learned qualities and requirements of a drill instructor and how to tech drill using the framework set out in the RAF drill and ceremonial manual (AP818). Throughout the weekend we were tested and closely assed on our own personal drill and uniform standards, our drill teaching skills and words of command.

On the Sunday we undertook an assessment process which included a written theory exam based upon AP818 and AP1358c, the dress regulations manual and a practical assessment where each individual had to teach a drill movement using exact phrasing from AP818. It was a challenging but rewarding weekend and all cadets who attended the course worked very hard which was reflected in the results and the success of all the cadets which attended. Without doubt the course would not have been possible without all the adult drill instructors and staff who ran the weekend.

I would recommend this course to any cadet who is passionate about all elements of drill and those that wish to pass on their knowledge and skill to other cadets in the corps.

By CWO Megan Annetts