What is the Air Training Corps?

An air minded disciplined youth organisation that meets regularly learning and training to further develop themselves. It is open to 13-20 year old cadets and 20+ staff members.

What is the academic classification system?

Over time the cadets progress in difficulty and subjects to eventually become an instructor themselves and achieving qualifications along the way.

What is a rank structure and what is it used for?

Air Cadets is a disciplined organisation and cadet NCO’s have levels of responsibility and projects to work on. The responsibility goes up as the NCO gets higher up the structure.

Do you wear a uniform?

Yes, a uniform is provided free of charge after a probationary period of time. You will also be shown how to look after this uniform.

How old do you need to be to join as a cadet?

13 years of age

How old do you need to be to join as a staff member?


I am a parent and would like to help the Squadron?

Please come down and discuss options with the Commanding Officer. There may be options available depending on your skills and availability.

How much does it cost to be a cadet and how do I pay?

£12 per calendar month. This is paid by standing order each month at a date you are comfortable with.

What activities do cadets do?

Flying, Gliding, Adventure Training, First Aid, BTEC, CVQO, Target Shooting, Sports, Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, Music / Band, Drill, Team Building and leadership, modelling and many more, Residential Camps in the UK and Overseas.

What time is it each night?

Arrive at Squadron between 6.45pm and 6.55, ready to start at 7pm. We close at 9.15pm, but some nights because of cleaning and admin duties by a rota basis will get out at 9.30pm

If you have any more questions please contact us via our ‘contact page’ here