First Time Flyer

On the 13th May 2017, myself and four other cadets attended RAF Linton-On-Ouse to go flying in the Grob Tutor at 9 Air Experience Flying Squadron.

Upon arrival, we conducted safety drills in a mock up of the cockpit after watching the passenger safety video, after which when the pilots were satisfied, we were then taken to be kitted up in flying suits, gloves and helmets. After a short wait, my pilot, Flt Lt Ryan Fawcett came to collect me from the equipment room and walked me over to the aircraft out on the pan.

The flight itself was not what I had expected at all, it was far more greater than I could ever imagine. The pilot had giving me an overview of how the aircraft is controlled and the roles and functions of the flight instruments. After a short while, he then gave me control of the aircraft, I had a chance to fly it for myself and get a feel of how it responds to control inputs which are surprisingly very sensitive. Overall, my flight lasted 25 minutes. In that time, we had flown around the skies of North Yorkshire, taking in the sights and landmarks from a whole new perspective.

Over all, it was a thrilling experience and I had the chance to meet other cadets from other squadrons in the Wing that were also in attendance.

By Cdt Owen Rothwell