Flag Raising Event

On the 19th of June, I was lucky enough to represent the squadron at Barnsley Town Hall for a flag raising ceremony in recognition of Armed Forces Day.

Before the parade started I was stood talking to veterans and members of the Royal British Legion who were all really interested in the work that was going at 148 Squadron and asking about my future career to join the military. Once the parade started I stood in line with all the veterans and RBL personnel opposite the War Memorial in Barnsley as the mayor came out of the Town Hall to pay his respects and give his own appreciation to the military community of Barnsley. Prayers were then said by the Padre before the playing of the national anthem.

Overall, I felt immensely proud to represent the squadron for the launch of Armed Forces Day across the Borough of Barnsley and felt inspired and privileged to talk to veterans about their time serving in our Armed Forces.

By SGT Charlie Owen