Flying High

On August 31st myself and three other Barnsley Cadets went flying at RAF Linton-On-Ouse.

I have been flying previously but for the other Cadets it was their first time. As I had flown before this meant that I was able to perform aerobatics which was an amazing experience. Once we were airborne we started with a loop over York maze, shortly afterwards we performed a full Cuban 8 which was awesome! You could really feel the G force pushing on your body. We also performed aileron rolls and stall turns before my pilot gave me control of the aircraft to fly over York and back to Linton.

We all had an great day and the Cadets who hadn’t flown before loved their first AEF flight. They were able to take control of the plane and experience a thrilling flight.

Flying is one of the greatest cadet experiences, this isn’t available in any other cadet force and is well worth your time.

By Cpl Jake Frost