Horizon Festival of Remembrance

On Thursday 3rd November cadets and staff from 148 (Barnsley) Sqn attended a festival of remembrance at Horizon community college in Barnsley.

The evening celebrated and commemorated the lives of those who have fallen in battle, particularly the battle of the Somme as we mark the centenary this year. The event was attended well by all Cadet forces and those who wished to attend and pay their respects to the fallen.

The evening started with a performance from the Barnsley Youth Choir in the entrance hall as guests arrived. Once everyone had taken their seats some Horizon Community College students read out poems that reflected on the fallen. Hymns and other pieces were played by the Barnsley metropolitan band, whilst the parade of the standards, the Sea, Army and Air Cadets and then the drum head altar was formed by our cadets. The drum head is the battle field equivalent of a cenotaph which was used to lay reefs against during the evening. In addition to the readings, speeches were given by Terry Whittles, the National Chairman of The Royal British Legion and local MP Dan Jarvis.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have done for the past few years as it is a unique way for the cadets and people of Barnsley to remember those who gave their lives and those who serve today. The evening overall was a huge success and all those who took part should be very proud of themselves as everyone conducted themselves in a sensible and respectful manner. Of course such an event could not go ahead without all the support staff and the cooperation between groups and cadets, RBL and Horizon so a well done to everyone who attended the festival of remembrance it was a magical evening for all.

BY FS Megan Annetts