Lifewise Centre Treasure Hunt

This week I accompanied the newer end of our squadron at the Lifewise Centre in Rotherham.

We were separated and put into mixed groups with the Police, Sea and Army Cadet forces. Together we were to find the answers to a list of questions and work as team, not just as members of the Air Training Corps but as members of cadet organisations. A new experience to the younger cadets that we took.

The ability to speak and put our ideas out there whilst also being able to listen to others created a unique team exercise that I am sure they will use later on in their working lives. The behaviour and maturity of our cadets was impeccable, they shone through and I am thoroughly pleased with the execution of this activity. These cadets are ones to watch out for for years to come. Proud to be part of 148 Squadron as we continue to represent the ATC and the the wing at an event like this and show to the world just how good the ATC really is.

Many thanks to the staff at The Lifewise Centre for running the event.

CWO Tom Williams