National Marching Band Perform at Welbeck

On Saturday the 8th July 2017 I had the fantastic opportunity of performing with the RAFAC National Marching Band at Welbeck, the defence sixth form.

The occasion was a formal parade celebrating the students end of either their first or second (and final) year at the college, recognising their achievements as a student as they advance on to a potential military career in the future.

We stayed the night before at RAF Cranwell in the cadet accommodation, where we reversed before hand to ensure quality music. After some rest, we travelled to the college to partake in the parade. We played multiple songs for those around; particularly well known military music from all of the three forces. The parade lasted around an hour, and the weather was great.

Without any initial awareness, we played Congratulations by Cliff Richard at the end, which the audience took as a pleasant surprise. The event was rewarding as always, especially being able to accommodate the event which congratulated and noticed their achievements. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I look forward to future ventures I may partake in with the band!

By FS Shannon Copeland.