North Region Aviation Day

On Wednesday 16th August myself and 11 other cadets were luckily chosen to attend RAF Topcliffe for the North Region Aviation Day to experience helicopter flight in either a Chinook or a Puma. In addition there was also other activities for us to enjoy such as shooting, STEM projects and many more.

The chinook flight was amazing and we could all agree that it was the best activity of the day. The views from the helicopter were breathtaking and it was such a clear day that we could see everything. The chinooks were part of 27 squadron which is based at RAF Odiham, they flew up especially for our flights. Every squadron in the North Region had cadets that attended, all 1,202 Cadets and over 200 staff got a flight!

During the day, Commandant Air Cadets, Group Captain Leeming, and the Regional Aviation Officer were all walking around and talking to staff and the cadets about their experiences and interests in the RAF and the Air Cadets.

After the flight we did lots of different activities such as a talk about radio communication and a STEM project to build a helipad. The taller the helipad the more points you got or as many wooden blocks you can fit on it, to gain even more points. Also we looked at a Russian radar tank and also watched the chinooks and pumas taking off.

In the end it was great day out and we had lots of fun. This is something I will never forget for the remainder of my cadet career, a once in a life time opportunity!

By cdt Alex Bessell