Open Night 2016

On August 19th we welcomed honoured guests, parents and friends of the Squadron to our Annual Open Evening.

We were honoured to welcome Sqn Ldr Steph Ford as our guest of honour in her final engagement as Sector One’s Commanding Officer. We were really proud to share the evening with her and the Cadets were thrilled to be presented with their awards and thank her for everything she has done for the Sqn and the Sector.

During the evening we celebrated and presented several annual trophies and certificates. Well done to all those that won an award and well done to everyone for a very successful year all around!

Following the formal parade the band did a demonstration in the parade Square, after which the BBQ and various games and fundraising took place which we hope all enjoyed!

Many thanks to the parents and friends that came to support the Cadets and well done to all the Cadets for attending with smart uniforms for the parade. You all worked very hard and should be proud of yourselves and the Squadron.

Spectemur Agendo