RAF 100 Parade

On the 8th of April Cadets and Staff from 148 (Barnsley) Sqn went to Doncaster to take part in the North Region parade to celebrate the centenary of the Royal Air Force.

The parade consisted of over a thousand Cadets from across the North Region. For Cadets Yates and Joys from 148 (Barnsley) Sqn, this was their very first parade in uniform, as a Squadron we are very proud of how well they did. Even the Air Commandant commented on how impressive it is that they took part in such a big parade especially because it was their first time!

Around half past one everyone formed up into 5 Squadrons each with two flights. To lead the parade we had the Air Cadet National Marching Band who had been at camp all week at RAF Halton. In the band our very own Cadet Warrant Officer Copeland was a drummer. After marching from St Nigel Gresley Square, we marched to Doncaster Minster where we sat through a church service.

At the church service our Squadron was given the oppurtunity to perform a drum head service and also the new South and West Yorkshire Wing banner was blessed. Many other banners were also brought into church to represent each wing. Many VIPs spoke, along with some Cadets from the North Region who gave readings.

Many dignitaries attended the event, Air Marshal Julian Young took the salute on behalf of the Chief of Air Staff. Also in attendance there was Commandant Air Cadets, Honorary Ambassador Grp Capt Carol Voderman, Regional Commandant Grp Capt Mark Leaming and Vice Lord Leutenent for South Yorkshire.

After the service we got the chance to chat to Commandant Air Cadets and Honorary Ambassador Grp Capt Carol Voderman and take some pictures. Whilst meeting with Grp Capt Carol Voderman Cdt Joys asked her for a vowel and constanant which everyone found very funny! She said she would give him an A and a C for Air Cadets.

Altogether the day was amazing, it was an honour to represent our Squadron and Wing and be there for the 100th anniversery of the RAF!

By Cdt Sophie Kirk