Recruit Flight Uniform Workshop

Earlier this year, a group of junior Cadets and I attended what would be another step towards achieving First Classification, A Uniform Workshop

The day began at 10 am and started by being separated into two groups and one group went and started to polish their shoes to get a good shine on the shoe, whilst the other group learnt how to iron their uniform with Sgt Smedley and other NCO’s. We learnt how to iron trousers, shirt brassard and jumpers. For some of us we were given our berets before uniform day but for some they were given it on the day and moulded it. Then one group sat and listened to Sgt Smedley show us how it was worn and should look. Also he told us which uniform we should wear for which occasions.

Then we broke for lunch and afterwards swapped over and carried out the same things as the other group had done previously. This was a great day and a big step for all our cadet careers.

Cdt Thomas Yates