Red Badge First Aid

Recently we embarked on a weekend of first aid training in order to earn our St John Ambulance Youth Red Badge.

On the first day we started out with learning how to judge a situation that we might come across in everyday life and we then moved onto learning the skills we would need to handle an emergency situation. This included primary and secondary survey, wounds to the head, arms and legs, panic attacks and many more. In addition, we used the choke vests and an AED training unit, which was fun but also interesting to discover how hard it is after numerous repetitions of the chest compressions to keep going.

On the second day we learnt how to treat burns and how to dress wounds with bandages. Later we had our assessment which was assessed by Squadron Leader Williams and CI Colton. We were all well prepared for the assessment however, we felt a little nervous but first aid qualified cadets and staff were on hand to help with last minute practice. After the assessments we each received individual feedback from Squadron Leader Williams and the team which was very useful.

We all passed the course with flying colours and received our First Aid Red Badge. We now feel ready to offer first aid help should the need ever arise.

By Cdt Ellam, Cdt Faunt and Cdt Bessell