Red Badge First Aid

On 13th and 14th December 148 (Barnsley) Sqn ran a Red Badge first aid course.

The course was a two day course, on the first day we started of with what to do when finding an unconscious person and how to do primary survey and secondary survey and to correctly do the recovery position and CPR.  We were  also taught how to deal with  burns and scalds and many more skills.   The next day was when it all mattered because the assessments began. We were thrown into two situations, we were not told any details about it but that what we hard learned over the two days would be put into practice.  The first situation was along  the lines of finding a unconscious person all the way through to the CPR. The next situation included burns or broken/sprained bones.

We all enjoyed the course and learned a lot. Both days were filled with learning a lot and also making new friends and having fun.  Everyone passed and we are all now ready and able to put our skills to work if a real situation was to arise.

By Cdt Courtney Bray.