Remembrance Day

Today cadets from 148 (Barnsley) Squadron took part in the 2017 Remembrance Day parade in Barnsley Town centre.

The day was a cold one, but the sun shined through some dark clouds. Thankfully the rain never came and the service was uninterrupted.

Father Stephen Race led the service. The congregation was made up of veterans, current serving military, reserve forces, cadet forces, St Johns Ambulance, Police, Scouting groups and many other youth, adult / Association groups from across the Borough.

We are honoured to take part in the parade and pay our respects to the fallen. We were also honoured to meet Phillip deGarr Wilkinson who attended the parade with his family. Mr deGarr Wilkinson was a Cadet at the squadron in the early 1940s and then went on to become a Flying Officer in the 1960s.

I am very proud of our cadets for their professionalism today, being smart and respectful. Well done all, very proud of you all.

Thanks go to all the uniform and supporting staff, as always an extremely able and committed team.

Spectemur Agendo and indeed you delivered today, well done.