Cadets Fly In A Sea King At RAF Valley

In May along with other cadets from South and West Yorkshire Wing I attended a week long camp at RAF Valley in Wales.

We were lucky enough to get one of the last flights on a Sea King helicopter before they are retired from service with the RAF. We were kitted out with helmets, ran through the safety brief and I’m sure we all looked really cool.

We were exceptionally lucky to get a Sea King flight and I feel very honoured to be in one of possibly the last air cadet groups to fly in a Sea King before their decommission. On our flight we learned lots about the aircraft and its capabilities in the air and how it is used for search and rescue. The aircrew opened the door for our entire flight so we could look out at the beautiful Welsh scenery and so that we could see how the winch system and rescue equipment worked. For me it was an experience of a lifetime and something I will never forget. A real reward which all that flew were grateful for, thanks to all who made this possible.

By Sgt Megan Annetts