Silver DofE Exped

On Friday 28th October we began our Silver actual expedition in and around Nottinghamshire. On the first day we walked just over 17km on varied terrain. The whole group found it enjoyable and we were all in high spirits, although blisters were beginning to show. Even though it was October, the weather was nice and pleasant with sunny skies all day. On that day after ensuring that our bags were adjusted properly and checking that everyone was ready to go, we set off walking at 8:45am. Morale was high all day, and throughout parts we were singing, throughout most of it we were all bonding. By the end of the day we were all excited to reach the campsite. Once we had rested, we began cooking and setting up our tents. I personally cooked tomato chilli pasta.

On day 2 we had an early start and woke up at 6:15am to be ready to set off at 8:45am. To begin with, we started off the day very slow, but soon picked up the pace. Although we were all feeling the effects of day 1 we were still able to maintain a quick yet steady pace which resulted in us arriving to the campsite in good time. We took many frequent short breaks so that we were able to focus on our aim, which was to create a music video with footage from the expedition. We found this to be a very enjoyable part on the expedition. Day 2 was our easiest day because we only did 16km of walking and focused more on project work for our aim. During this day my knee began to start hurting a little, but I wanted to finish my expedition so put this to the back of my mind. By the end of the day everyone was ecstatic to reach the campsite again after all of the walking. Baileys’ feet were even steaming! After resting we began to put up our tents, although this time was more of a struggle than it was on day 1.

This was my favourite day because we had a lot of leisure time and after cooking we were able to sit down with each other as an entire group and bond and enjoy the evening, before going to sleep. It was on this night that the clocks went backwards 1 hour. However, we weren’t able to have an extra hour sleep because it got darker earlier on that day, but it did mean that when we woke up that it was lighter. Moreover, on day 3 we woke up at 5am to get ready to set off at 7:30am. We were packed and ready by exactly this time. We had to travel over 17km again that day. Once we’d set off I encountered problems with my knee and had to wear my knee brace. It took us a while to get a steady pace, but once we had got back into the swing of things we picked up the pace and were again going slightly quite fast. This allowed us to take frequent short breaks which brought up the teams morale again. By the end of the route we were glad to see the end.

Overall I have really enjoyed this experience and the whole expedition. I would recommend anyone doing their DofE as this is a valuable experience and set of skills to learn. I cannot wait to do my Gold.

By Cdt Rossiter