Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award

Over the past year I have been participating in my Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award – the award has seen me participate in four different activities for a sustained period of time to achieve four different sections (physical, volunteering, skills, expedition).

For the physical section of my award I have participated in regular fitness classes with the squadron at Honeywell Sports Centre, which has allowed me to improve both my physical fitness, but also my teamworking and sportsmanship qualities.

For the volunteering section I assisted with the Squadron’s Red Badge First Aid courses, helping younger cadets learn the invaluable and potentially life-saving skills I have also learnt with the squadron.

As part of my skills section I participated with the squadron band, developed my knowledge of how to play my instrument which is a bell lyre, as well as taking part in numerous parades throughout the timeframe. I had never played a bell lyre until I started with the band and now I can play several songs.

My expedition was arguably the most challenging section of my award, to achieve it I had to participate in two expeditions in challenging terrain. The last being a 3 day walk through the Yorkshire Dales, carrying all of my equipment with me. It was highly challenging, however thanks to the great group and the staff support to train and encourage us, it was also very enjoyable.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed working for my Silver Duke of Edinburgh award, not only do I look forward to taking part in my Gold award, but I also would encourage younger cadets to participate in the award scheme. I would like to thank the staff of the Squadron, who made achieving the award possible.

Cpl Jamie Butler